I visited M-Centar because my girlfriend highly recommended it to me. I remained extremely positively surprised after the treatment. So far I considered thai massage as a gentle treatment for women, but therapists at the M-Centar have proved me that thai massage can be anything but gentle. After the treatment I felt perfectly. I certainly … Continue reading Marko


I have been customer of the M-Centar for almost nine years. The therapists are extremely professional and kind, and after the treatment I have the feeling that instead of walking I am flying above the ground. The gentle sounds of soothing thai music, variety of thai massage techniques and atmosfhere of the M-Centar itself allow … Continue reading Iva


Gift vouchers are an ideal opportunity to cheer up your loved ones. Thai massage is appropriate for all ages and has proved to be a great idea to cheer up friends on birthdays, Valentine day or Christmas day when everybody buys some gifts and everyone is left with no idea 🙂