Original thai massage

Techniques of combining pressure, stretching and chiropractic are use din the original thai massage. The therapists use the fingers, elbows, knees and feet, combining them into a pleasant, energetic and relaxing massage of mild, medium or strong intensity. This type of massage is intended to relieve tension, stress and muscle pain. Original thai massage i san art of touch.

Sports massage

In the treatment of sports massage, our therapists use special techniques and moves aimed to prepare athletes for trainings and sports competitions more quickly. Sports massage adjusts to the psychophysical condition of each athlete individually, and out therapists take into account the type of sports athlete is engaged in, with the aim of raising muscle tone and faster muscle recovery. This massage involves the treatment of a large group of muscles on the human body, and is primarly focused on the back and leg muscles.

Medical massage

Medical massage includes full body massage. The goal of medical massage is to achieve a greater blood flow of areas that are stiff and painful as well as to achieve better joint mobility. Medial massage restores vitality and energy and improves mood.

Classical massage

Classical massage is a full body massage that includes foot and abdomen. The movements that are applied are slow and gentle, and this type of massage relaxes the deep muscles we are not aware of in everyday life. Massage brings a sense of relaxation and has a calming effect. Classic massage is often used as a preparation for sports massage or for people who do not often apply massage treatments and are not sure which type of massage to choose.


Aromatherapy differs from all the above mentioned massages. In aromatherapy, active essential oils are specially formulated to relax the body’s tension and improve vital energy. The combination of slow and deep pressures and the use of oil is extremely pleasant and at the same time very strong. Aromatherapy is carried out throughout the body including the feet, abdomen and scalp.