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Center of the Original Thai Massage in Zagreb

Original Thai massage in center of Zagreb, Croatia.

M-Centar has a large community of satisfied customers practicing original Thai massage for more than 35 years. We offer best thai massage near you. 

We have 35 years of experience.

About us

Providing an unforgettable experience

M-Centar is the salon of the original Thai massage in the very center of Zagreb. All massages in our center are performed by native therapists from Thailand. Young, meticulous, and patient, our therapists have their professional training and experience acquired and perfected in special schools in Thailand.

Original Thai Massage for couples
What we offer

We offer best massage packages. From thai massage and foot massage to couples massage. Explore the world of relaxation.

Thai Massage

Thai massage, also known as Nuad Thai or Thai Yoga, is a traditional form of body treatment originating from Thailand. It combines elements of yoga, acupressure, and stretching, and is performed on a mat on the floor with the client fully clothed. During a Thai massage, the therapist uses hands, feet, elbows, and knees to apply pressure to specific points along the body's energy lines, known as Sen lines. Thai massage improves flexibility, relieves stress, and promotes relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage is a specially adapted type of massage that utilizes gentle and safe techniques to provide relief, relaxation, and stress reduction for pregnant women. Prenatal massage is typically performed with the pregnant woman lying on her side or sitting in a comfortable position with back support. The benefits of prenatal massage can include reducing discomfort and pain, promoting relaxation and stress reduction, improving circulation, and enhancing sleep quality.

Oil Massage

Thai oil massage is a type of massage that combines elements of traditional Thai massage with the use of oils. It is known for its therapeutic and relaxing effects. During a Thai oil massage, the therapist uses various techniques such as deep kneading, stretching, and pressure to release tension and promote overall well-being. The use of oil allows for smoother movements and enhances the sensation of the massage. Thai oil massage can help reduce muscle stiffness, improve circulation, relieve stress, and induce a state of deep relaxation.

Foot Massage -Reflexology

Reflexology is based on the belief that every part of the body is reflected in the feet. Reflexology is a massage therapy that uses gentle pressure on specific points on the feet to help you feel better. Foot massage reduces stress and promotes better overall body functioning. During a foot massage, gentle pressure is applied to specific points on your feet that are connected to certain parts of your body. Our experts work carefully on each point, allowing you to deeply relax and experience complete revitalization.

Peeling Massage

Peeling massage is a beauty and relaxation treatment that combines massage techniques with the application of a special cleansing product on the skin. This treatment aims to exfoliate and renew the skin by removing dead cells from the surface and promoting the regeneration of new cells. Our skilled therapists will first gently massage the cleansing product onto the skin, focusing on areas that are particularly dry and rough. After that, the massage is performed using various techniques to stimulate blood flow, relax the muscles, and improve skin circulation.

Hot Stones Thai Massage

Hot Stone massage is a type of massage therapy that uses heated stones to achieve a deeper relaxation and therapeutic effect on the body. In this type of massage, smooth stones are heated to a specific temperature (between 45-55°C) and placed on special parts of the body, following the main energy centers. Hot Stone massage helps to relax muscle tension, improves circulation, and calms the nervous system. This massage is complemented by the use of natural oils, which nourish and moisturize the skin.

M-Centar Massage

This massage is the invention of Marijan Turkalj, the founder of M-center. After 35 years of experience and a large number of satisfied clients, he developed his own style which has become the most popular massage in his salon. Combining Thai and sports massage techniques with great expertise and unquestionable knowledge, our master masseur Marijan Turkalj offers the best of the massage world. From top water polo players to gymnastics champions, tennis players, NBA basketball players, and numerous celebrities, it's proof of the quality of M-CENTAR massage. Who hasn't had a massage with Marijanček yet? 😉

Back Massage

One of the most effective ways to achieve relaxation and relief is through the healing power of a back massage. Beyond its soothing and pleasurable nature, a back massage holds numerous therapeutic benefits that can improve our overall health and well-being. Back massage is not merely a luxury or indulgence; it is a valuable tool for promoting physical and mental well-being. Its ability to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, improve circulation, enhance posture, and nurture emotional well-being makes it a holistic therapy worth incorporating into our daily lives.

Couple's Massage

Give yourself and your partner a moment just for the two of you, a moment of closeness and relaxation. This massage is an ideal way to connect on a deeper level and relieve stress. Couples massage helps build intimacy, reduces stress, and restores balance within the relationship. A relaxing couples massage aids in deepening your intimacy and improving communication. Seize this opportunity to enhance closeness and relaxation in a shared couples massage experience.

Join for a relaxing session and discover Original Thai Massage.


What our customers say

I have been a customer of the M-Centar for almost nine years. The therapists are extremely professional and kind, and after the treatment, I have the feeling that instead of walking I am flying above the ground. The gentle sounds of soothing Thai music, the variety of Thai massage techniques, and the atmosphere of the M-Centar itself allow me to venture into distant Thailand.
I visited M-Centar because my girlfriend highly recommended it to me. I remained extremely positively surprised after the treatment. So far I considered Thai massage as a gentle treatment for women, but therapists at the M-Centar have proved to me that Thai massage can be anything but gentle. After the treatment I felt perfectly. I certainly recommend.