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Welcome to M-Centar: the center of the original thai massage. M-Centar provides the services of original thai massage for more than ten years. We have a large community of satisfied customers practicing original thai massage in everyday life.

Each thai massage treatment is fully adjusted to you and your needs and depending on the type and duration of massage you choose our thai therapists apply different techiques of original thai movements.

I have been customer of the M-Centar for almost nine years. The therapists are extremely professional and kind, and after the treatment I have the feeling that instead of walking I am flying above the ground. The gentle sounds of soothing thai music, variety of thai massage techniques and atmosfhere of the M-Centar itself allow me to venture into distant Thailand.


I visited M-Centar because my girlfriend highly recommended it to me. I remained extremely positively surprised after the treatment. So far I considered thai massage as a gentle treatment for women, but therapists at the M-Centar have proved me that thai massage can be anything but gentle. After the treatment I felt perfectly. I certainly recommend.