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Unforgettable experience of relaxation

M-Centar is the salon of the Original Thai Massage in the very center of Zagreb. All massages in our center are performed by native therapists from Thailand. Young, meticulous and patient, our therapists have their professional training and experience acquired and perfected in special schools in Thailand. With them, they bring original techniques of original Thai breathtaking massage and provide an unforgettable experience of relaxation from tiredness, stress and pain.

M-Center Back Massage

Entering the spaces of our center, you enter the spaces of peace and tranquility, and the scent of candles with the light rhythms of relaxing Thai music will bring you to a world where worries and everyday problems do not exist. Thai massage relieves pain, solves certain health problems, removes tension in the body, improves circulation and refreshes the body and spirit.

M-Centar Original Thai Massage
Original Thai Massage for Waterpolo Club Jug European Champions
M-Centar Original Thai Massage
M-Centar Original Thai Massage

Massages are performed in a darkened room and our therapists use special oils which relax muscles and pains. With the aim of improving the quality of the massage, for muscle relaxation is used a hot stones technique that heats the painful spots and thus a unique experience of the original Thai massage and smell and fell of Thailand itself.

When you arrive at our center, one of our therapists takes care of you and will bring you to the room where the massage takes place. The location where massage treatment will be performed, as well as the oils and techniques that will be used depend on the type and length of the massage you initially choose.

Since our therapists are native speakers, for all of your questions there is a person who speaks Croatian and English language and who you can explain your expectations about the massage and which are your painful spots.

During massage treatment we kindly ask you to respect the peace and quiet in the massage area that will enable you and your therapists to concentrate. Take time alone for yourself and afford yourself the unique experience of the original Thai massage. You will not regret, trust us.

Amazing massage! My boyfriend and I wanted a couple's massage and they fit us in right away. It was a Croatian Holiday, so luckily they were open. The masseuse found my tight muscles and worked them out nicely. Bravo!
Sweet Val
Madrid, Spain